Sets – Python

Hello Techies!!! We have learned three ways to store data till now - lists, tuples and dictionaries. Today, we will learn about a different type of collection called sets. What are sets? What is its use? A set is a collection which is unordered and unindexed. In Python sets are written with curly brackets. It … Continue reading Sets – Python

Debugging tooltips on web page

Aloha readers!Let's learn about debugging technique when dealing with tooltips on UI, today.This can help increase your productivity when customising them. Why do we need to learn this tip? If you are working with frameworks like AngularJs, React, etc., you might implement tooltip using existing libraries like uib-tooltip (angular-bootstrap library) and in some cases css … Continue reading Debugging tooltips on web page

Optimize activeadmin (ruby gem) dropdown resulting in slow page loads

Hi all, Welcome to another mystery solving. This post will help you optimize your page loads in activeadmin. If you don't already know what activeadmin gem is, then refer here. Problem: While using activeadmin, I was facing performance issue on page loads. It was extremely slow. It was also resulting in memory overshooting. If you … Continue reading Optimize activeadmin (ruby gem) dropdown resulting in slow page loads

Fix text encoding issue when exporting to CSV (comma separated values) – Ruby on Rails

Hi all!! In this post, I will be sharing a problem that I came across while dealing with exporting a CSV in Ruby on Rails. ( The rails version used was 4.2.10 and ruby version was 2.4.5). Problem: When writing into a file encoded with utf-8 encoding, some special characters weren't getting parsed in Excel. … Continue reading Fix text encoding issue when exporting to CSV (comma separated values) – Ruby on Rails

Mysql error : Cannot allocate memory for the buffer pool AWS EC2

Hello Techies!! PROBLEM :  Cannot allocate memory for buffer pool SHORT DESCRIPTION : Processor ran out of memory to allocate to the service. It needs more RAM in order to process properly. PRE-REQUISITE : AWS EC2, Linux instance While working on AWS EC2 free tier, I came across this problem. This problem occurs when the … Continue reading Mysql error : Cannot allocate memory for the buffer pool AWS EC2

Dictionaries – Python

Hello Techies!! We have learned about lists and tuples till now which were ordered collections and allowed duplicate values. Now, lets learn more about different type of collections in python. Today, we will look into dictionaries. As we all know our traditional dictionaries. right? They are collection of data where we can look for words … Continue reading Dictionaries – Python

Setting up an AWS EC2 t2.micro instance

Hello Techies!! Today we will learn to setup a aws ec2 t2.micro instance which is a 1-year free instance from AWS for every new account. EC2 - Elastic compute cloud Prerequisite : Basic knowledge about cloud and linux Let's get started. What will we be doing? We will be creating an AWS EC2 instance to … Continue reading Setting up an AWS EC2 t2.micro instance

Tuples – Python

Hello Techies!!! Hope you guys are doing great. Waking up everyday to learn and apply something new is so exciting. In last tutorial, we learned about a way to store data using a collection called as List. Today, we will look into something called a tuple. Tuple is similar to list storage. It is a … Continue reading Tuples – Python

Loops in python

Hello Techies!!! Let's continue our journey of learning python and use it to eventually solve real world problems technically. What does looping mean in programming? Looping is basically executing a sequence of statements repeatedly. If we do this based on some condition that means we are controlling the loops (control loops) There are two primitive type of … Continue reading Loops in python