Setting up an AWS EC2 t2.micro instance

Hello Techies!! Today we will learn to setup a aws ec2 t2.micro instance which is a 1-year free instance from AWS for every new account. EC2 – Elastic compute cloud Prerequisite : Basic knowledge about cloud and linux Let’s get started. What will we be doing?
  • We will be creating an AWS EC2 instance to host up our application on the server.
  • Details about free t2.micro can be found here. You can also check pricing for the same here .
  • We will using ubuntu 18.04 as our AMI (amazon machine image)

 First, we need to make an account on aws console –

Make sure to keep a credit card in hand because you would need to make a small payment for completing the registration process which will be returned back into your account shortly. After finishing the signup process. It takes upto 24 hours for your account to get activated after successful payment. Now, sign in into your AWS management console to get started with creating an EC2 instance. Go to services>EC2. In your left sidebar – there is instances link. Click on it. Now click on Launch Instance button to start creating an instance. Steps for creating a basic EC2 instance in less than 5 minutes :
  • Choose AMI – I will be choosing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as my machine’s image.
  • Choose an Instance type
  • Configure Instance details – Keep the details default.
  • Setup storage of your server
  • Add tags
  • Configure Security groups – These are set of firewall rules that control traffic for your instance. This is important to configure for securing your application from unwanted traffics. You can use any set of rule and apply it your instance but to setting it up quickly, I will allow all traffic to communicate with my instance. You should configure it properly for production and only open ports according to your requirement.
  • Review and Launch the instance
  • Save the key-pair somewhere safe. This will be useful when you will try to connect to the instance using SSH by using tools like Putty, mobaXterm, fileZilla, etc.
That’s all you need to do to create your own AWS EC2 instance. Have a great day!! See you soon!!

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